Si Majorca Helps at local level

Before situations of instability as food absence; homeless or in insecure housings necessities for eviction; non-payment of invoices or receipts; careless children of all the ages or badly dressed, etc: The poverty in Majorca has many faces.

Who are we?

Si Majorca is a foundation of private character, founded by Anja Dauber and Ralf Goy in 2012. It is an association of social services and without lucre fortitude, governed by the Spanish law. Financed across economic and material donations, along with the contribution of its patronesses. The association helps the citizens who more need it.

What do we do?

Initially, we devote ourselves to collect founds destined to provide food to the families with children, needier. Our work focus is the situation of familiar emergency, as to provide housings to families or single mothers, in cases of forced eviction. Also we support to needed families the payment of the school meals.

What is the motivation of Si Majorca?

Anja Dauber and Ralf Goy, at local level, like witnesses of the terrible situation that affects so many persons in these crisis times; along with them, friends, neighbors, Majorcan and foreign families, believed that it was its duty to help these persons in this so difficult phase of its lives.

Why does it arise Si Majorca?

The infantile hearths, the families with children, the donations of food, of clothes, etc. need financing and donations urgently to be able to help the charges and demands that are every time major. Due to the crisis economic that affects to Spain,
although in Majorca it is under control; nevertheless, the extreme budgetary limitations in the public sector do that to relieve this situation is, almost, a struggle against the windmills. And it is here where the help of the local population becomes necessary.
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