Infantile help

Although Majorca is provided with appropriate infantile hearths attended by persons competent and dedicated to the well-being of the most vulnerable group: the children, of continuous form and with a high personal commitment. Since the financial capacity is not sufficient and to the weakness of the public budgets, as well as for reasons of clippings and saving, regrettably the basic services turn out to be limited and, unfortunately, often they lack the basic things. And it is here where Si Majorca can do a valuable contribution to support to the infantile hearths and to improve the situation of the children across complementary helps improving the lives of the smallest.
Thank you for your support. | CUENTA BANCARIA: Banca March Llucmajor Kto.-Nr.: 0061 0014 10 0159030117 IBAN: ES8200610014100159030117 BIC: BMARES2M